Best family road trip destinations: Lake Tahoe

I have fond childhood memories of yearly road trips with my three brothers and our dad. Our summers were spent camping in the Big Sur mountains and in Vallejo, CA at my grandmother’s house. We loved the anticipation of a new adventure, and the excitement of packing up the car and embarking on our journey. Now that my daughter is older, she has a lot … Continue reading Best family road trip destinations: Lake Tahoe


While other little girls were busying themselves with Barbies and Disney fairytale movies I was riding skateboards down hills with my three brothers and constructing sling shots out of wood and rubber bands. Even though my mom made me wear pretty dresses to Church and special events, my favorite outfit consisted of a comfy t-shirt and shorts. I eventually grew out of my tomboy stage … Continue reading Destination…Forever

Vegas Vacay…kid friendly style

  Las Vegas, Nevada a city well known for smoke filled casinos, night clubs, strip clubs, stage shows, and 24 hour libations. A brightly lit wonderland that caters to the 21 and over crowd. Like so many others, my Husband and I have been drawn to this adult playground each year and if you had asked us eight years ago if we would ever vacation here … Continue reading Vegas Vacay…kid friendly style