Vegas Vacay…kid friendly style

  Las Vegas, Nevada a city well known for smoke filled casinos, night clubs, strip clubs, stage shows, and 24 hour libations. A brightly lit wonderland that caters to the 21 and over crowd. Like so many others, my Husband and I have been drawn to this adult playground each year and if you had asked us eight years ago if we would ever vacation here … Continue reading Vegas Vacay…kid friendly style

Fab Fashion Finds: Online vs. In-store

Shopping has seriously evolved, thanks to the internet. Not only has it made “retail therapy” more convenient, but price savvy too. Nowadays all you have to do is google a promo code for the store you’re shopping at and most likely you’ll find one that will save you some money. Many of the popular franchises like H&M have been forced to compete with cyber shops, … Continue reading Fab Fashion Finds: Online vs. In-store