While other little girls were busying themselves with Barbies and Disney fairytale movies I was riding skateboards down hills with my three brothers and constructing sling shots out of wood and rubber bands. Even though my mom made me wear pretty dresses to Church and special events, my favorite outfit consisted of a comfy t-shirt and shorts. I eventually grew out of my tomboy stage … Continue reading Destination…Forever

Trend Watch: 50 shades of gray and red

The color institute, Pantone, has revealed their annual color of the year and fashionistas everywhere have already been seen rocking the earthy red wine color named Marsala. I will agree that this color is both beautiful and flattering on all skin tones…but why stop at one shade? There are so many delicious shades of red that can be donned, and when paired with a shade … Continue reading Trend Watch: 50 shades of gray and red