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Best natural products for kids with thick curly hair

Photos: Ricky Horne Jr.

My daughter is now a very decisive AND opinionated five year old. She has an opinion on just about…well…everything. Decisions about her clothing and hair will sometimes turn into a debate that I almost always lose. It’s often said that our kids are a reflection of us, and I see more of myself in my little opinionated miniature every day. I am very proud to have a daughter who shares my interest in books, fashion, painting, writing, hair, etc… even if we don’t always agree on everything. My biggest struggle has been with her hair, which has given me a newfound respect for what my mom went through with mine. As a child I was often told I that I had the nerve to be “tender-headed” with so much thick, kinky hair. My daughter definitely got the thick hair from me, but the curly texture is all her own.

I consider myself somewhat of a “product junkie” because I’m willing to try a lot of different products at least once. Kids change so much as they grow and so does their hair, which is why my product trials have become more frequent.

The most frequently used product in her hair regimen is organic coconut oil, because it is a natural detangler that also keeps her hair shiny.


I do weekly hair treatments starting with this product. It’s easier for me to do her treatments while she’s in the bath. I rub a tablespoon amount of the coconut oil between my hands letting it melt if it has solidified, and finger comb it through her hair. After finger combing it with the oil, I wash it with Mielle Organics Babassou Shampoo, then condition it with the Babassou Conditioner. After I dry her hair I use the Mint Almond Oil as a leave-in. Mielle Organics products are all natural with no alcohol, preservatives or parabens.


 For styling I use Eco Natural Cocktail/Super fruit curl complex is what I use to style her hair. It’s not 100% natural but it does have a majority of natural ingredients in it and does a great job of keeping her hair soft, shiny and frizz free.


All of these products are great for keeping her hair hydrated, and soft. They do the same thing for my dry hair as well.

Grapeseed Oil

This is a must have for Naturalistas who wear protective styles often, it’s an essential oil for growth and moisture. I use this on my cornrows and scalp once a week, it’s a lightweight oil that won’t cause buildup on the scalp. My hair seems to be growing two times faster since I’ve been using it, and it doesn’t feel dry and brittle when I take my braids down.

Tea Tree Oil

 The healing properties in this oil are amazing, preventing fungus and dandruff build up while soothing itchiness and redness. I use this oil three times a week because of my dandruff problems. It instantly takes the itching away and keeps my scalp clear of dandruff for weeks.

5 thoughts on “Great Buys

  1. My daughter has hair just like your Lil one, thick curly hair, I’m trying my hardest to maintain it, I have all the products in your post, can you give me a pacific regiment as to how you maintain your DD hair. And how many time thru out the week do you wash it?

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