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Glammed up Ninja Turtle Chucks


I made these for my daughter’s 5th birthday party, she loves everything ninja turtles and squealed with delight when she saw them!

These adorable blinged-out Chucks are super easy to make, all you need are the right tools and a little bit of time.

Tools for applying the rhinestones:


My favorite glue to use is E6000 because it’s super strong. It dries clear and keeps the rhinestones in place throughout the toughest wear and tear. I do suggest letting the glue dry at least 2-3 days before wearing to ensure the rhinestones stay put.

E6000 230010 Craft Adhesive, 3.7 Fluid Ounces


I get my flat back rhinestones from a crafts store in downtown Los Angeles , if you don’t have a nearby arts & crafts store Amazon has tons of sizes and colors to choose from. These crystal resin stones are my fave because they catch the light so beautifully.

Museya A Set of 1400pcs SS10 3mm Crystal AB Resin Hotfix Rhinestones Flatback for DIY Clothes Bag Jewelry Cellphone Decoration




I don’t use rhinestones too often, it’s mostly for special occasion purposes like this one so my old jewelry making prongs work just fine. If you do work with rhinestones more often I would suggest getting one of these bead application tools. It will help cut down on the time and mess.

Silhouette Pick Me Up Tool


The Ninja Turtle shoelace decorations were the final touch and another super easy decoration that can be mixed and matched. There are many other popular characters available to choose from on Amazon.



Ninja Turtles Shoelace Decoration Clips 4 Pcs Set 1




Friendship Garden

My daughter just graduated from her second year of preschool and is officially ready for Transitional Kindergarten. She had an amazing teacher who not only taught her both Spanish and English, she was also super creative when it came to arts and crafts projects.

One of my daughter’s favorite school crafts was a mini friendship garden that she planted with her classmates. She had so much fun doing it that she begged me to make one at home. I’ve been wanting to plant an herb garden for the longest but never got around to doing it so this was a great reason to start one.

I wanted to wait until both of my kids were out of school for the Summer so that they could be a part of the whole process. Lexi got out of school a week before her brother so I brought her along to shop for all of our supplies while Boston finished up his last week of school.

They were both 100% on board and excited about this Summer project. We planted basil, parsley, red tomato seeds and potted bell peppers, green tomatoes, and cilantro plants. We make a lot of salsa and the Hubby and I both love tomatoes and bell peppers so I made sure the kids planted plenty of them. We pushed the garden into a more shaded area too so that it wouldn’t get scorched in this dry Cali heat and I make sure they water and check on it daily.

This has been a great way to teach them responsibility outside of their daily chores and show their Dad that they are responsible enough to take care of a new puppy:-)

Supplies needed:

A steel utility tub, organic potting soil, vegetable seeds and/or potted vegetables, pebbles.

Pour rocks into bottom of steel tub first, this allows the water to irrigate through the soil efficiently. A rockless option would be to poke holes into the bottom of the tub.

Spread out rocks evenly on the bottom of tub then add the bag of soil on top.

After spreading out the soil dig holes to drop your seeds in.


Bigger holes are needed for potted plants, pull the stalks and packed soil out of the pot and place it into the hole before covering it up with the loose soil.

Make sure to place labeled markers in after you cover up the seeds, it helps the kiddies to know which ones they are watering and watching bloom.

My daughter had a lot of fun picking out her windmill and solar stake decorations at the dollar store.

The solar stakes make the garden glow at night which my kids think is pretty cool and they love to look at it through our den window before they go to bed.


We are all very happy with the results and have already started eating the cilantro, green tomatoes and bell peppers…they are delish!






Letter Bow Holder & Crown Headband Holder

My daughter Lexi received a letter “L” bow holder from a creative mommy friend of mine for her 3rd birthday. It was such a unique and adorable gift that I was inspired to get some creative therapy in and make them for my God Daughter’s birthdays this year.

The crown headband holder idea was directly inspired by my daughter who has a lot of hair, and a drawer full of headbands. No more daily searches through masses of headbands while rushing to get her ready for school. Now my daughter can easily go grab one of her choice off of the wall and put it on herself…which makes us both happy.

I found all of my supplies at my favorite arts & crafts store, including the unpainted wood letters. Michaels is a popular store in California that carries a big selection of arts & crafts supplies. I was also able to find some cute unpainted bird houses to keep my little artists busy while I worked on my projects.

I finished both letters over the course of two days, painting the first day and gluing the ribbon on the second day. The supplies I used were paintbrushes-a few different sizes ranging from small to large, acrylic paints, glitter, flat back oval and flower shaped rhinestones, and craft glue.

After I applied two coats of paint to the letters, I sprinkled with glitter before the paint dried.

I let the paint dry three hours before gluing on the rhinestones. The glue I used is very strong, but has a “gooey” texture and is slow drying so I suggest using tweezers to dip the rhinestone and attach to the wood.

I let the glue dry overnight, then attached the cut pieces of ribbon to the back of the letters and the crown using the same glue. I used a sponge brush to apply the glue to the ribbon. For the crown holder I bought some plastic hooks from a hardware store and tried to attach them using the tape included in the package. The tape wouldn’t hold to the painted surface, so I used the quick hold glue which worked like a charm. I let the glue dry again overnight before painting the hooks.



Character themed birthday party 

My kid’s birthdays are a great way for me to get some serious “creativity-therapy” in, so I usually end up going all out for these events. We threw my daughter a Doc McStuffins themed party for her 3rd birthday and I had a great time making everything. Everything you need to make your child’s party a magical one is at your local arts and crafts store, and of course a great party store too. The kids had such a great time and Lexi was the happiest little birthday girl, which made it all worth it!

Stethoscope necklaces, charm bracelets and headbands…time consuming but I enjoyed every bit of it!
personalized dessert table signs
personalized dessert table signs, candy jar and cake pop stand


vanilla band aid wafers
vanilla band aid wafers


chocolate dipped pretzel thermometers
chocolate dipped pretzel thermometers
My cup cake cones were a hit!
My cup cake cones were a hit!
The kids loved decorating their own piñata bags, and it kept them busy so the parents could get a little break:-)
The kids loved decorating their own piñata bags, and it kept them busy so the parents could get a little break:-)

_untitled_ 6_untitled_ 5IMG_1264_untitled_ 4



More Glammed up Sneaks

Venice style savvy

I love twinning with my mini, so I glammed up some more sneaks for us a few weeks ago. I bought Lexi a different shoe brand this time because they were cuter than the black Chuck’s, but I stuck with the classic Converse brand for myself.  All of the DIY instructions are the same as in the post below. I wanted the zebra fabric to stand out more, so I didn’t add any bling…just some sparkly black laces for my little Star. Happy Glamming!

Venice Savvy8 IMG_1664 Venice kisses Venice beach with Lexi Venice beach





Mommy and Me “Glammed up” Converse


When I saw pics on Pinterest, I knew that my mini and I had to have them! After seeing them priced for $160 and up on Etsy and Ebay I decided to save money by making them myself. I started a handmade jewelry business three and a half years ago while I was pregnant with my daughter because of all the extra time I had during my maternity. Handmade, usually means that the artist/designer spent an ample amount of time on it. That’s also why they list a higher price for it when they decide to sell it. Once my daughter was born, I took down my website because I just didn’t have the time to design jewelry anymore. These shoes were a week long project that I embarked on, squeezing in time to work on them whenever I could. One thing I pride myself on is my ability to multi-task, and I’m very pleased with the results! My daughter squealed in delight when she saw them, which made it even more worth it. The first thing I did was find the matching shoes at a nearby Ross department store. The price for both pairs was around $45. I already had fabric and beads leftover from previous projects which saved me both time and money. The first thing I did after removing the laces, was cut and measure the leopard fabric for the shoe tongues. Once that was done, I sewed the fabric to the tongues using a regular sewing needle and black thread. I really wanted to break out my sewing machine, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to attach the fabric securely.

IMG_0240 IMG_0242 IMG_0246 IMG_0249

Once I finished with the tongues, I began gluing on the rhinestones. I chose hot pink hearts and silver rhinestones for Lexi’s shoes and gunmetal rhinestones for mine. My favorite glue to use for rhinestones and studs is the E-6000 industrial strength glue. I buy it from one of my favorite bead stores on 9th and Maple in downtown Los Angeles. This glue is super strong and dries fast, but make sure you open up windows if you use it indoors because the smell is strong too. You can purchase packages of loose rhinestones at your local arts & craft store, but I prefer to buy them downtown because of the bigger selections and cheaper prices. I suggest allowing the rhinestones to dry at least 24 hours before wearing.

IMG_0256 IMG_0303photo       _34A0648 _34A0688   Happy Glamming!!!




Chalkboard wall decal

Crayons, paint, chalk, colored pencils, markers, pens, drawing pads, canvases, etc…all the wonderful tools available to the little artists in my household. Creating art was therapeutic for me as a kid, so I encourage my kids to express themselves through daily masterpieces too. The problem arises when my littlest Basquiat decides that a simple piece of paper is not big enough to contain her elaborate art work…so our walls become her new canvases. I refuse to stifle my kids’ creativity, so magic erasers have become my best friends. I recently saw a great wall decal deal on one of my favorite websites,, and the light bulb turned on in my head. I could actually encourage my kids to continue drawing…on the WALL with this new decal! It was genius, and it comes with colored chalk too. Once my 6 foot chalkboard decal arrived in the mail, I cut it in half and let my five year old help me apply it to the wall. You can cut it into any size and design that you want, but I chose to use the whole decal in order to give my kids as much canvas space as possible. The self adhesive backing makes it super easy to attach to the wall. My kids have fun and spend quality time drawing on their new chalkboard. Once they’re done I use a simple microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe the old chalk off so they can start all over again the next day:-) You can also buy these decals directly at

photo 1DIYChalkboard1photo 2DIYChalkboard2DIYChalboard3DIYChalkboard4



Stud it up

Studs are trending right now and are an easy, inexpensive and fun way to add a little edge to your wardrobe. You can find bulk packages online or at your local beads and crafts store. A flat wrench is a good tool for folding the back of studs and securing them to the fabric. I did use fold back studs for my jean vest and sweatshirt, but I recommend using a heavy duty hole puncher and screw back studs for shoes and leathers.

studded sweatshirtIMG_3500 IMG_3499 IMG_3498 IMG_3497 IMG_3496 IMG_3495studded sneaker wedge

I bought these wedge sneakers with the studs already attached, but this is a great example of screw back studs that you can add to any cute pair of shoes using a hole puncher.



Simple and fun cake decorating ideas

I still have fond memories of the bear, princess, and flower cakes my mom used to create for my birthdays when I was a kid. It made me feel so special. I am now continuing the tradition with my little ones, so they can have these fond memories too. Cake decorating is a simple, fun project to do with your kids. For cupcake-cakes: you will need your store bought cake mix, or favorite online cake mix recipe. Many stores now carry gluten free cake mix as well. Cake decorating bags, tips and frosting color mix can be bought at your local arts and crafts store. Cupcake baking cups can be found at most stores as well. After the cupcakes are finished baking and cooled, arrange them in any shape you want. Animal faces, bears, flowers, sports balls are all really simple designs. If you want to do a more intricate design, I suggest finding one online and printing it out so you can refer to it. The best way to start is to trace a frosting outline of your design around the cupcakes first. Then you can start filling it in with the rest of the frosting. For whole cake decorating, simply purchase a cake pan in the style you want and follow the lines already made into the cake. Happy decorating!

IMG_3451IMG_3450IMG_3448IMG_3446IMG_3444Boston cake cake 2

Patches, bibs, and ruffles

It’s amazing how many different adorable projects you can come up with from one yard of fabric! Now that my daughter is in her toddler stages, she plays with her big brother a lot better and I get a little free time to upgrade her wardrobe. I had a lot more time on my hands when I was pregnant with her, so I made some really cute animal print bib and burp cloth sets for some friends of mine. The jean skirt with a butterfly patch and ruffles is my very first project for my little Princess, and there will be many more over the years. I’m glad I can finally start putting some of the things i learned in design school to use. I bought a jean skirt from the Children’s Place outlet store for $7, and a yard of fabric from Joann’s fabric store for $12 with a coupon. My sewing machine is a Brother cs-6000i computer model and it works like a charm. These are just a few cute examples of what you can do with a yard of fabric, so get creative and start designing! Here are some helpful links on bib making, and ruffles making aka “shirring”:        

Some pics of my progress and results:

Lexis new skirt IMG_3394 IMG_3395IMG_3400IMG_3401 IMG_3402 IMG_3398 IMG_3397 IMG_3399



Canvas wall letters

This was a fun outdoor project for me while I was pregnant with my daughter and bored out of my mind. I bought a tall wood easel, acrylic paint, brushes, small canvas boards, and double-sided wall mounting tape from Michael’s Arts and Crafts store- all for under $50 with a 40% off coupon. I was able to reference some of the animals from pictures on the internet, then painted everything free hand. If you’re a little wary about your painting skills then there are plenty of stencils available at your local Arts and Crafts store. This made my four-year old very happy and gave his wall an adorable pop of color!


Quick and easy paint smocks for kids

My little ones wanted to paint in the backyard and my daughter was already headed out the door in her cute little outfit, so I had to come up with a quick and easy way to keep her outfit from becoming an unintentional abstract art piece. This smock is ridiculously simple, but it works just as well if not better than a store bought paint smock. I looked in my Hubby’s tank top drawer and found an old beat up size large white tank. I don’t think my Husband will miss it…but I could be wrong lol. I put it over my daughter’s head and tied the top shoulder parts in a knot at the nape of her neck, then let her go to town with the paints. Having two little ones has definitely raised my level of creativity, so there will be many more quick and easy kiddie ideas to come!

paint smock

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