All Natural Self-Care Products


What do we need?…self-care! When do we need it?…NOW!!

Well, at least that’s how I have felt on numerous occasions during this horrific pandemic which has created a new normal requiring social distancing, disinfectant, masks, self-isolation and homeschooling. As if I wasn’t wearing enough hats already, I have now officially added teacher to my collection…yay.

As many of us are exploring and discovering new ways to stay sane and active, we are also trying to find ways to relax and maintain some inner peace. I’m known as the introvert/homebody in the family but find myself reminiscing on the days when I had auditions, lunch meetings, could travel, grab dinner with friends or pop into the spa for the day in order to decompress from a busy month of ‘Mompreneur Life’…seems like so long ago now. *sigh*

One of the upsides to my sheltering at home has been the extra time I’ve had to finish testing and perfecting my new products.

Two years ago I decided to make my own coffee scrub after years of trying expensive store bought products for cellulite, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and spider veins that contained chemical ingredients and delivered little to no results.

After just two weeks of using my handmade Arabica Coffee & Raw Sugar Scrub I began to see a reduction in the cellulite dimples and spider veins on my backside and thighs. After months of frequent use they had noticeably diminished. The compliments I began receiving gave me a newfound confidence when it came to rocking shorts and bathing suits.

My Organic Beet Root & Sugar Scrub  came about after experiencing hyperpigmentation resulting from a reaction to a lip blushing treatment. Going from more youthful, rosy colored lips right after the treatment to dark brown and dry within weeks was a disappointing reality.

Within weeks of using my organic scrub I noticed both the softness and color coming back. My lips were fully restored back to their post lip blushing color and softness after just one month, also sparking the inspiration for my super moisturizing Shimmery Mango-Citrus Lip Balm, Shimmery Coco-Mango Lip Gloss and Lavender & Vanilla Hydrating Lip Balm.

After a month of social distancing, homeschooling and sheltering my love of aromatherapy candles became my saving grace. When I felt the need for an energy boost or relaxation and meditation, I would happily light one of my expensive store bought scented candles for a mood uplift.

I became curious and started researching essential oils that evoke positive moods, sparking a desire to create affordable long-burning aromatherapy candles made with real dried flowers and essential oils complimentary to my all natural skin care line.

Eucalyptus and spearmint are well known for relieving sinus congestion and migraines while promoting healing and relaxation.

Refreshing spearmint mingles with herbal eucalyptus oil in my Breathe Easy candle giving off a tranquil aroma when lit.

Lavender and Vanilla oils mix harmoniously in my Spa-Mazing candle. Not only can Lavender deodorize a room, it also has a sedative quality known to promote rest and relaxation as well as aid in treating anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Combined with the warm, comforting scent of vanilla this candle has the potential to momentarily whisk you away from it all.

Cherry and almond oils blend seamlessly together to create an energizing and uplifting aroma in my Scent-ergy candle.

This sweet, intoxicating scent has the potential to elevate your mood and encourage positive energy.

Sandalwood oil is known for its deep woodsy scent mixed with floral and balsamic accents.

I blend sandalwood and fragrant chamomile (one of my favorite herbal teas) in my Homebody candle to create a soothing, relaxing aroma with the ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Creating a relaxing at home spa experience is my ultimate goal with these products and even though it’s not the same as physically going to a spa, my hope is that you too can be transported somewhere blissful, calm and relaxing while using these products.

All products are created on sanitized surfaces using protective gloves, masks and hair coverings.

Get inspired by some of the good vibes coming from these testimonial vids!:

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