Radiant facial oil by Skintipsy



I’m never afraid to admit that I am a product junkie. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years in search of the next best beauty product that will keep my face from breaking out while also giving it a healthy, youthful glow AND a body emollient that will quench my dry skin and last longer than an hour, not too much to ask right?

I have tried tons of facial oils that promised this and more only to end up disappointed by the results, until now. More of us product lovers are being drawn to organic and natural ingredients in our hair and skin products because the truth is they really work and are better for our bodies. With all the unnatural ingredients in so facial products, we have been conditioned to believing that they have some magical (not easy to pronounce) ingredient that will take years off. Not to mention the notion that the more expensive it is, the more effective.

Skintipsy uses the increasingly popular CBD oil which has been praised for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. This is my first year using facial oil with CBD oil in it and after the clear results I’ve been experiencing, I’m a huge fan. My face has a noticeably youthful glow and is breakout free. Why would I ever want to pay tons of money each year for oils that only give me a temporary solution if any, when I can pay less for products that are both all natural and healing!?


24K Rose Glow Elixir

As an Actress my face is how I make money so break outs are a true nightmare. My face started breaking out in a full on rash a few years ago and I frantically started searching and spending money on skin creams, some of them worked for a month or two but the rash would eventually come back.


24k Rose Glow4


I even went to a dermatologist for help but the results from the prescription I was given didn’t last long either. After years of spontaneous and frustrating break outs my Husband suggested that I just go back to the basics. Well, to be honest he said to try vaseline because his mother swears by it and it has worked well for her but…I’m just not a vaseline type of girl. I did finally listen to the “voice of reason” in my own way and decided to try an organic facial oil. Surprisingly, within weeks my rash began to diminish allowing me to feel both relief and hope… the only issue was shelling out $80 a bottle every month. That alone will make someone rethink a $2 jar of vaseline.

After a few months of spending too much money on skin oil I began to  search for a less expensive facial oil only to be disappointed because I didn’t get the same results. I was introduced to the Skintipsy line a few months ago and have since been wondering where they’ve been all my life. This $40 facial oil started to clear up my skin in a week and I haven’t had another break out since. Two of the active ingredients Ylang Ylang Oil and the 25mg CBD have anti-inflammatory properties that allow the skin to heal and rejuvenate, and my radiant new glow is an added bonus thanks to the 24K Egyptian Rose Gold Dust.

A less expensive oil that works, smells amazing and gives me the ultimate “glow-up” in a bottle that lasts at least two months. #winning



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