Gamer Party Fun!

80’s video game tablecloth 

Nine year old boys and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly…which is also how stuck they can get to their controllers, so it was only fitting that this be the theme of Boston’s birthday this year.

We enjoy throwing big birthday parties at our house but having fifty kids crammed up in my son’s room playing video games was not an option, so I decided to rent a Game Truck.

We’ve been invited to a couple of cool game truck parties and I had a few good options. Some of the trucks I researched were bigger and more fancy but I opted for a less fancy and more open truck that allowed the parents to peek in on the kids and also let some fresh air in.

This truck delivered some serious gaming fun for both kids and parents and kept everyone happily entertained for two hours. They had all the popular games, six different screens and gaming systems so the battles were epic.

The second half of the party was easy sailing after the game truck left.

I usually start working on my DIY  gamer party favor bags and candy table signs two weeks before the party but my busy schedule had me rushing to get everything together just days before the big shindig.

Xbox controller erasers
Gameboy erasers

I pride myself on my online shopping savvy and had all the gamer party favor stuff I needed weeks ahead of time so I wasn’t too worried about having everything finished in time.

One of my favorite websites for unique and handmade party supplies is Etsy, which is where I got the gamer cups, boxes and personalized stickers . The shipping varies by store so it’s best to start looking on their site at least at least a month in advance to ensure that your items arrive on time.

Toys for Gifts

My son is now at the age where he and his friends prefer getting dropped off at parties. There were no complaints from the parents, they were more than happy to get a couple of hours to themselves.

The smile on my son’s face lasted all day, another successful party for me. I’m so happy with the way everything turned out and loved seeing all of our friends and family have a great time together.

Birthday parties are a great way for us to spend quality time with our friends and fam that we haven’t seen in while and create memories together. Kids grow up so fast and these memories are something I hope they cherish and share with their kids one day.

I also hope their future spouses enjoy creative therapy as much as I do because if not…”glam-ma” will be there to assist;)



Awesome xbox cake, cookies & cupcakes- Sweet Avenue L.A.






Photos: Ricky Horne Jr.


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