I’m an island gal who loves cold weather fashion and I look forward to the temperatures cooling down so that I can don my favorite boots, accessories and outerwear. I’m sure many of my fellow fashionistas will agree that fab outerwear makes the cold weather a lot more enjoyable.

Living in California where the warmer seasons tend to last longer, I anxiously await the time when I can throw on a comfy pair of Uggs, a scarf and peacoat.

We tend to get more use out of our cold weather gear when we venture outside of California and over the past few years it’s become a new tradition for our family.

Navy Blue Faux Feather Hooded Parkas-

We road tripped to Sedona, Arizona again in November for Thanksgiving and the hubby’s birthday. I do most of the shopping and packing for our trips which is a necessity because my husband and eight year old would be just fine with some gloves and a sweatsuit. My little fashionista-in-training is a chip off the ole block who likes to have multiple style options on her vacations, so we have fun shopping together.

The lows during this trip were between 40-50 degrees…just cold enough to justify all of our faux fur and accessories. Faux fur trimmed hooded parkas and tapered pea coats were my go-to outerwear choices this season.

Stuart Weitzman boots.  Olive Military Pea Coat.

I love earth tones which are always popular colors for the Fall/Winter seasons. Their are so many gorgeous shades of brown, red, yellow and green that look good on all skin tones and pair well with both prints and solids.

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Sweater dresses are my faves because they’re stylish and warm. I also like to pair them with leggings, long socks, or boot cuff leg warmers which are super cute with tall boots.

Sweater Dress w/Lace slip- . Maroon boot cuffs

I’m a big fan of Ugg boots because of how cozy and stylish they are. My feet are usually cold even in the warmer seasons and my Uggs keep them warm and dry with or without socks.

Ugg ‘Sibley’ Water Resistant Boots

I’m also a fan of beanie headbands because of their versatility. They keep my head and ears warm so that there’s no need for beanies or ear muffs. They’re also great at keeping my hair in place when I’m having a bad hair day which is why I tend to rock them year round.

Grey beanie headband

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Photography: Quality Colored Productions

It’s a win-win if your fab cool weather gear can get you through both Fall and Winter seasons. These styles will be trendy for a couple of years at least, so the hubs and I will get our money’s worth…can’t say the same for our growing kids though.

We happily rocked our parkas and accessories during our December South Lake Tahoe ski trip and stayed warm in the 30-degree weather. The sun was shining during that week and I have to admit to going a little overboard with the layering, we ended up sweating a lot.

I definitely didn’t mind it as much once the ski instructor mentioned that we’d burn up to 700 calories that way…I love a good upside.

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