Ninja Turtle Mania!

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I’ve been throwing big parties for my kids every year since they were born so I’m sure no one would judge me for trying to persuade them to do something different for their birthday every now and again. Didn’t work again this year because my daughter has been asking me to throw her a TMNT birthday party since January. Of course I couldn’t say no to those big brown eyes so I began planning in June of this year.

Anyone who knows my little Lexi knows how obsessed she is with ninja turtles. She’ll head out to battle villains in our backyard with her sword in hand at least twice a week. This little girl has a big imagination and I love it…it’s quite entertaining too.

I began frequenting the dollar store in June to start stocking up on TMNT goods because they had everything from TMNT party favors to decorations. I also stocked up on pool noodles while they were still in season to use as soft weapons for the kiddies to pose and play with.

I bought the photo booth backdrop from Walmart for $50 and it was worth every penny. The kids had a blast posing in front of all four ninja turtles and Shredder. I thought about getting a party character to come dressed as Lexi’s favorite Leonardo ninja turtle but my husband had an even better idea to have a real Tae Kwon Do instructor come and teach the kids some cool moves. Lexi has been asking about taking karate classes so I knew she would be thrilled to experience her first mini class right in our own backyard. The instructor was amazing with the kids and had their undivided attention for the full hour.

Most of these kiddos including the birthday girl have never stepped a foot in a martial arts class but you couldn’t tell by looking at some of these moves!

My creative therapy sessions produced some really cute decorations and a very popular candy table. I got some great party ideas from Pinterest and combined them with a few unique ideas of my own. The results were shell-tastic!

I like to decorate the candy jars and the cake pop stand before I start on the treats because the process tends to be a little more time consuming. I downloaded images on Google and printed them out on card stock paper. I used double stick tape to attach them to the mesh and the plastic jars.

I decided to make some custom glammed Chucks for Lexi’s big day a week before I started the table decorations to ensure that the rhinestones would be dry for the party. You can get the full instructions on my Cool DIY Stuff page.

My trusty styrofoam tiered cake pop stand gets recycled every year because it’s become one of my specialities. The kiddies go nuts over the pops and the stand is an adorable conversation piece for the adults. All you need is a good printer, some card stock paper, googled character images, tissue paper, double-sided tape and ribbon.

I got the ninja turtle masks table cloth idea off of Pinterest. The vinyl tablecloths were from the dollar store, I used large pieces of white poster board paper for the eyes and attached it onto the tablecloths with double sided tape.

I used my go-to vanilla Funfetti Cake Pop Savvy recipe for the pops which I prepped two days before the party. We invited 100 guests to this shindig so I bought a 2lb bag of dark green vanilla flavored candy melts for the shell, two boxes of Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix and two jars of cream cheese frosting. I used a chopstick to make the turtle nose and pressed in the top of the pop for the eyes.

Wilton Dark Green Candy Melts, 12-Ounce

For the masks I used Wilton Decorator Preferred Fondant. I’m not big on baking because it’s pretty time consuming so I look for shortcuts wherever I can find them when party prep time comes around.

All it takes is a little bit of water to get the fondant to stick to the candy shell.

Wilton 710-2312 Neon Decorator Preferred Fondant, Assorted, 4-Pack

This three piece fondant tool set came in handy for cutting the right size masks.

Wilton 1907-1349 Basic 3-Piece Fondant and Gum Paste Tool Set

I printed out ninja turtle labels for my Swiss roll nunchucks, oreo cookie sewer lids with candy melt drizzle, shell shock lime punch, pizza cookies, and lime jello toxic ooze.

The Shell Shock punch was a hit and another easy to make recipe:

1 can frozen lime juice

1 can frozen lemonade

2 sliced limes

1 2 liter bottle ginger ale

3 cups lime or sour apple syrup

1 2 liter bottle of purified water

My nuggets had so much fun decorating the sugar cookie pizzas, and it was a great way to keep them busy while we finished decorating and setting up for the party.

The whole family dressed as ninja turtles but there could only be one blue Leonardo turtle.

The party exceeded my expectations, and both kiddos and parents had a great time.

Personally, I would be just fine if I never had to see another ninja turtle item again…but anything for my little Lexi-nardo.

Happy kids, happy mom.

Party Photos: Ricky Horne Jr.

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