Best Family Road Trip Destinations: The Grand Canyon



Thanksgiving is usually spent with extended family members in our residing state of California, but this year was even more special because of my Husband’s birthday falling on Thanksgiving. For this reason, we decided to forego tradition and embark on a family road trip adventure with our kids to beautiful Sedona, AZ. 
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This was also a reunion trip for the Hubby and I. We spent his birthday weekend together in Sedona 2006, two years before we had our first child together. This of course was an entirely different trip, free of kids and only 1 1/2 years into our relationship. We hiked thousands of feet to the top of the red rock mountains to do a birthday photo shoot, equipped with only a small digital camera and my green bikini. Little did we know that this would be the early beginnings of our photography business.





We packed up the kids, my oldest son included and got on the road around 4am on Monday November 23rd, arriving in Sedona by 12pm. I usually get some pretty cool ideas on Pinterest and post a lot of my own as well. Including some great road trip ideas to help keep the kids happily entertained so they’re not asking “are we there yet?” every hour. Our SUV was packed with luggage, books, a frozen turkey, food staples for the kitchen, snack boxes, a cooler, mini TVs, and an Ipad…we were well prepared for the trip. Sedona weather for the week had a high of 50º, but the sun was always shining and the views were always beautiful. The next morning we left our Sedona resort and headed out on a mini road trip to the Grand Canyon. This trip was only a 2 hour drive from our resort and beautifully scenic the whole way there. There was a $30 fee per vehicle once we got to the front entrance and my Husband griped about having to pay to see this natural wonder of the world. Once we parked and took in the view, we all agreed that it was worth it.

Some pics taken with my Iphone 6s:







All of the pics we took came out beautiful, but pictures can’t compare to the mystical beauty you will take in once there. This is a must-add to the travel bucket list, even if it’s just a solo trip. It’s a truly uplifting experience that will make you appreciate the vastness of our earth and the beauty it has to offer.

Some awesome pics taken with the Hubby’s Canon:

Grand Canyon Elevated-2

Grand Canyon Elevated-15

Grand Canyon Elevated-5


Grand Canyon Elevated-14

Grand Canyon Elevated-9

Grand Canyon Elevated
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Grand Canyon Elevated-8

Grand Canyon Elevated-12

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