Princess Party Fab!

Each year brings a new birthday party theme because as kids grow and change, so do their likes and interests. This year my daughter Lexi’s faves have been anything and everything Princess-ey. For months now my Husband and I have endured her ‘royal highness’ requests. When she didn’t want to do something we asked, she would put her hand to her forehead and state; “I am just a Princess!”. Her royal attitude has been cute, hilarious…and trying at times, so we are both happy she was able to get it all out of her system at her royal birthday ball. We will now be taking back control of our castle.

My creative therapy for Lexi’s party kicked into overdrive as soon as I got back from my own birthday trip in July. Anyone that knows me, knows that I go above and beyond for my kid’s birthday parties without the help of an assistant or party planner. Planning my own kid’s parties where our guest list is usually a minimum of sixty people has given me a newfound respect for hired event planners. The pressure and stress level is heightened the closer the event day gets, mainly because of their clients requests and time constraints. I am very decisive and picky, especially when it comes to party planning so it’s best for me to keep my stress level down and just be Boston and Lexi’s personal party planner.

I do truly enjoy going into my “creative lab” twice a year and coming out with fun and unique creations for their parties. This birthday tradition was started by my own mom, who used to plan awesome parties for my brothers and I. She also baked adorable themed birthday cakes for our parties every year. I decided to bake a 3D princess cake for my daughter this year just like my mom made for me when I turned four.

My Mom cutting my special cake while I beamed with pride, smiling for the camera over one of my guest's head.
My Mom cutting my special cake while I beamed with pride, smiling for the camera over one of my guest’s head.

As an adult I realize that my Mother threw big parties for me not only because she loved me, but because she wanted to help boost my self-confidence as well. I was a very shy child, but each year on my birthday I would come out of my shell and revel in the love and attention from all of my family and friends. Although my little ones are not shy at all, their birthdays are still a confidence booster and a great way to sharpen their socialization skills. It makes me happy to think that one day they may continue this tradition with their own kids too.

I love creative moms and get some of my inspiration from other mommy blog sites and Pinterest pages. The pumpkin carriage photo booth backdrop was inspired by a fellow mommy blogger’s creative Mother-in-Law who made it for her granddaughter’s 3rd birthday party. There were no step by step instructions for this backdrop on her blog, so I had to use my own creative intuition on this one. For the backdrop my Husband bought a refrigerator sized box from the hardware store. My first stop was to the local arts and crafts store for craft glue and paint, rhinestone embellishments, and paint brushes. I used a box cutter to make the cut outs after I sketched and painted the pumpkin; the box was big enough for me to cut off a piece to make the wheels out of as well.

I attempted to spray paint the cardboard first, but didn’t like the coverage so I finished up the white pieces with craft paint. My two little assistants were a big help with this part.

I used gold paint, tacky glue and gold ribbon for the wheels.

I finished painting the carriage before gluing on the wheels and the rhinestones.

I let the glue dry overnight before turning it over to attach the curtains, which were made from iridescent fabric that I bought at my local fabric store.

I finished the backdrop first because I knew that the remaining decorations would be a lot less time consuming. I downloaded crown and tiara drawings off of the internet for my party favor gift bag cut outs.

My party favor bags are never complete without personalized thank you stickers from I’ve also personalized T-shirts on this site like the themed shirts my family and I wore for this party. You can design your own, or choose from tons of pre-designed artwork that can be personalized and re-sized…plus their prices and speedy shipping are unmatched.


I bought the handmade Disney princess photo booth props from ‘Letsgetdecorative‘ an shop, so I only had to make a sword from my leftover glitter construction paper. Custom fashion jewelry design was another creatively fun, yet time consuming business that I ran a few years ago. After my daughter was born I just didn’t have the time anymore, although I still enjoy creating custom pieces for my daughter, family and friends on occasion. The matching heart earring and bracelet set was quick and easy to make and complimented my daughter’s princess tutu beautifully. Decorating the acrylic candy jars for the candy bar was pretty easy too, all I had to do was cut the ribbon and glue it around the jars.

I also found some lovely candelabras at a nearby thrift store that I repainted for the kid’s table centerpieces. I found the paper chandelier at my local arts and craft store, and it was the perfect royal addition to our canopy tent.

The gorgeous sweets table
The gorgeous Dessert table
Pumpkin carriage cake, cupcakes and Cinderella cookies made by
Magical pumpkin carriage cake, cupcakes and Cinderella cookies created by

I usually start planning a couple of months in advance for these fabulous kiddie events, so I buy most of my party supplies online. My one-stop shop for discounted party themed supplies is The Party site. They carry tons of character party supplies, cake supplies, etc. My seven year old’s current interest is Pokemon, and he collects all the cards and trades them with friends. His birthday is in February, so I will definitely be shopping on this website since they have a big selection of Pokemon party stuff. - $35 and up, Free Shipping

The cake pops were prepped two nights before the party. I like to leave the cake pops in the fridge overnight in order to harden up so that they don’t break apart easily when I dip them into the candy coating. For my full cake pop recipe check out my Cake Pop Savvy post.

The chocolate lollipops and the Princess cake were the last treats for me to finalize the night before the royal birthday ball.

I sprinkled some silver cake decorating powder onto the dress, but didn’t like the final look. The skirt would have been much prettier without the sparkle powder.

Overall the birthday party was a success and the kids had a glam-tastic time. Seeing their adorable, smiling faces definitely made it all worth it.

The belle of the ball: Lexi Genesis Horne

Cutie-pie Miles captured by his Mommy Lo Huynh

Cutie-pie Cairo having fun at the Tiara decoration table.
Cutie-pie Cairo having fun at the Tiara decoration table.
Big bro aka Prince Boston Reign Horne
Big bro aka Prince Boston Reign Horne
The Royal Fam
Twinning Virgos. Lexi and Auntie Candice
Pa’s girl

Lexi and big cousin Maiya
Lexi and big cousin Maiya

Big cousin Jaylen
Big cousin Jaylen


Make a wish Princess!
Make a wish Princess!

Happy kids...Happy Queen:-)
Happy kids…Happy Queen:-)

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