Trend Watch: 50 shades of gray and red

The color institute, Pantone, has revealed their annual color of the year and fashionistas everywhere have already been seen rocking the earthy red wine color named Marsala. I will agree that this color is both beautiful and flattering on all skin tones…but why stop at one shade?

There are so many delicious shades of red that can be donned, and when paired with a shade of gray…it’s a match made in heaven. I’ve been rocking different shades of gray for years because it’s my favorite color and gives me a great canvas to add other splashes of color to.

Featured in this post is my Fave gray Tory Burch bag, a Robinsons Stitched Zip Dome Satchel, a chic bag with lots of room inside. Also my new Fave hat by Australian designer Helen Kaminski. I rock hats pretty heavily during the Fall and Winter seasons, and I like that this color works with most of my wardrobe.

My Fave thong brand featured in this post is Hanky Panky because, Ladies I kid you not…these really are the most comfortable thongs ever. I didn’t enjoy wearing thongs before I found this brand because they were always so uncomfortable. I found out about these a few years ago, and I’m definitely sticking to what I know.

I’m big on accessories, especially unique designs that you won’t see everywhere.  Etsy is a great website to find unique handmade jewelry. I also like to wear different, unique patterns and colors when it comes to my wardrobe, but I still stick to my Fave shades. Gray and red are on the top of my list because you just can’t go wrong with these two fabulous colors… there’s so many different shades of each. This is an adorable color combo for the kiddies too!

Savvy Lexi
Lexi in a romper Photography by:

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