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Savvy Chili




White bean chicken chili:

Some of my friends and family members have been asking me for this recipe since I posted a picture on Instagram. This is one of my favorite Crock pot recipes because it is a really tasty dish for those cold nights and everyone in my family eats it, including my super picky six year old. I make crock pot dishes at least once a week, one of many delicious cooking gems taught to me by my mother who is an amazing cook.

I have fond memories of walking in the door after school to a house filled with the wonderful smell of dinner simmering in the crock pot. My mom and I both love to create and even though I don’t necessarily share her passion for cooking, I do share her passion for making sure the family has a good home cooked meal…so I cook a lot. I’ve slow cooked greens with smoked turkey wings, black eyed peas, beef stew, lasagna, and the list goes on.

When your a busy parent like me who is always on the go, you cherish the things that make your life a little easier!  Once you make this dish, it will soon become a regular on the dinner menu…trust me. I don’t make it with fresh jalapeños any more because it’s too spicy for my toddler, so I substitute canned diced tomatoes with jalapeños because it has a milder flavor. You can cook the chili on the stove as well if you modify the cooking time, but the Crock pot method will free up at least 8 hours to handle all your other day to day activities.

Full recipe on my Flavor Savvy Recipes Page:


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